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Washer - How to take care

ge washer repairHow to take care of the washing machine

Some general recommendations for the care of an automatic washing machine (depending on the washing machine taking care of the machine can have its own individual needs).

The manufacturer recommends the filter for incoming water in the washing machine to be cleaned from time to time, especially if the water is too rigid or contains calcium sediment.

To ensure the smooth operation of the washing machine it is necessary to check periodically the condition of the drainage pump filter. Drainage filter delays the small objects that could remain in clothing.

Washing machine drawer (the one in which dispenses powder, fabric softener, etc.) should be periodically rinsed, because with the passage of time washing powder forms as clogs in the drawer.

The compartment for a washing machine drawer needs to be cleaned from time to time with a brush as the detergent powder can collect in it, after the cleaning termination put the drawer into place and start a washing machine in a rinsing mode.

washer drumWashing machine drum

From time to time the washing machine drum should be cleared.

Though the washing machine drum is produced from stainless steel, rust specks can be caused by small metal items (paper clips, pins, coins) stuck in the drum.

If you use any cleaners, be sure that they are suitable for a washing machine. Remove stains only with special means for removing stains from steel. Never use a metal sponge.

washer cleaningWasher cleaning

Outside of washing machines:

The outside of the washing machines should be cleaned with a damp cloth with a neutral detergent. Then wipe the washing machine with a clean cloth and let it dry. Attention! Do not wipe the machine with ethyl alcohol, solvent or other similar substances.

Inner part of a washing machine:

Wash the inside of the washing machine with 1 glass (250 ml) bleach mixed with 2 glasses (500 ml) of washing powder.

Turn on machine and allow it to fully implement the program of washing, using hot water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Washing machine maintenanceCare of a washer during winter time

If washer located in an environment where it is possible to freeze water, to prevent damage to washing machine, follow these steps.

1. Close the valve supplying water.

2. Disconnect the hoses spraying water and the drainage tube.

3. Connect the power cord to a properly grounded electrical outlet.

4. Pour 1 gallon (3.8 liters), non-toxic antifreeze to empty drum. Close the door.

5. Turn on drum rotating mode for 1 minute to merge all water. Thus antifreeze will be removed not completely.

6. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet, dry drum and close the door.

7. Remove the drawer. Pour the rest of water and fully dry. Put the box into place.

8. Leave the washing machine in an upright position.

To remove antifreeze from a washing machine at the end of storage, switch on the machine and allow it to perform a complete cycle of washing using a washing powder. Do not put clothes in washer at this time.

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